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Who is Ideal for a Power Assist Wheelchair?

Who is Ideal for a Power Assist Wheelchair?Choosing the right medical equipment isn’t exactly the simplest thing to do. With so many choices and configurations, it's easy to wind up with the wrong wheelchair to suit your lifestyle.

Luckily, we've gone through the data and paperwork to find out exactly who benefits the most from a power assist wheelchair, and how you can get funding for it.

In 15 minutes worth of reading, you'll know:

  • What chronic medical issues you can avoid by switching to power assist
  • The key differentiators between manual, power, and power assist wheelchairs
  • A wide range of personalized scenarios to help you decide if you should consider power assist
  • What to have and who to consult to get funding for your new power assist
  • Bonus: Instant access to our insurance-based funding eBook

The wheelchair you choose decides a lot for your future. Don’t make your choice without being informed about your options.

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