Tailwind Funding Options

Paying for your Tailwind can seem to be a daunting process. However, with creativity and initiative you can access this unique technology through a variety of sources. For general information, we have summarized your funding options below.

For a comprehensive step-by-step guide to get insurance based funding for a Tailwind wheelchair, click this link now: http://hubs.ly/y0MRVn0


  • Savings:

    For those with available funds, personal savings is the most straightforward and streamlined form of payment. Trust funds and legal settlements are also valuable resources to consider as well when evaluating personal savings.

  • Loans:

    Fixed rate loans ranging from 12 to 60 months can break-up your purchase into manageable monthly payments. Loans can also be used for any remaining balance after insurance payments. Loan application links can be found below:

    1. Genisys Credit Union
    2. Wells Fargo
    3. Key Bank

Family/Community Support

We understand that working to support a household and family can make it difficult to set aside supplementary funds for medical equipment, but you are not alone in this process. You may be surprised by the support you receive from family, neighbors, community organizations, and local support groups when you reach out.Connect with community members and loved ones in your life and share your story. Turn your need for mobility equipment into an opportunity to creatively come together as a network of support.

  • Fundraising:

    Fundraising can be successful when teaming up with a charity or members of your community. Many turn to online funding websites to create their campaigns. These pages make reaching larger audiences and managing your message simple. A number of successful personal fundraising links are listed below:

    1. GoFundMe
    2. YouCaring
    3. GoGetFunding
    4. Crowdrise
  • Lending from Family or Friends:

    Intra family loans don’t have to be awkward. Especially if they are for a good reason and you have a clear agreement and repayment plan. This option can also offer better terms than a bank would offer. To set up and manage an agreement online, visit the following link: ZimpleMoney

  • Gifts from Family or Friends:

    Tax exempt gifts are another potential option. Since 2013, individuals can gift up to $14,000 per year tax free in the US. Your need may be another's chance to be generous. For more frequently asked questions regarding tax free gifts please visit: www.irs.gov/FAQgifttax

Third Party Payer

Third party payers are often seen as the primary (and sometimes only) funding source for high-end medical equipment. Hopefully by this point it's clear that many alternative sources exist and should be considered in addition to those listed below.

  • Private Insurance:

    If you are lucky enough to have private insurance you will likely have a portion of the purchase price covered for Tailwind. Not all private insurance plans are alike, so you can expect a wide range of reimbursement amounts and for a remaining co-payment. Your local dealer has expertise in billing your respective program be it health insurance, workers compensation insurance, auto insurance, medical trust, or something else.

  • Government:

    The three main government programs are Medicare, Medicaid, and the Veterans Administration (VA). Tailwind is covered by Medicare in all 50 states and Medicaid in most states. Your local dealer has expertise in billing your respective program. The VA also funds Tailwind purchases for veterans and can be requested through your local VA hospital or clinic.

Let's Talk Funding

We will help you access this life changing technology. We can connect you to a dealer to provide detailed information related to your state and situation.