Wintry conditions can restrict the mobility options of individuals using wheelchairs. 

Using Wheelblades will maximize your mobility and independance year round.

Product Overview

Wheelblades are a Swiss made product designed to meet mobility needs of individuals living with wheelchairs in seasonal climates. Wheelblades are small skis that lock onto the front caster of ANY wheelchair. The added surface area provided by the skis allows for easier travel over soft snow and ice. Attaching the lightweight Wheelblades can be done at a moments notice.

Available from Clinton River Medical Products in the U.S. & Canada

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Using Wheelblades

To begin using your Wheelblades simply set your Wheelblades in front of your front caster wheels. Next lift front casters up and over the Wheelblades, then slowly set front caster down onto the Wheelblades binding, and finally pull up on the locking clamp and secure front caster wheel to the Wheelblades ski.


Once Wheelblades are attached, you are ready to go!

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