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Tailwind Over Different Surfaces

No sidewalk? No Problem! In this video, Dr. Glen House demonstrates how Tailwind's powerful motors allow you to continue your journey even after the pavement ends.

Hill Climb: Tailwind Vs. Manual Wheelchair

The exhaustion and strain experienced while climbing a hill with a manual wheelchair is no secret. Approach the same hill with Tailwind? Now that's a different story.

Tailwind Ride Along

Jump on board with Tailwind and get a unique look at how the power assist drive system helps you coast effortlessly throughout your surroundings.

Ease of Propulsion

The feeling of pushing Tailwind is truly a unique one. As little as two fingers are needed to activate the power assist, which will preserve your body's energy and allow for longer more active days!

How Tailwind Works

See how the software incorporated into the Tailwind Power Assist Wheelchair automatically adds propulsion when resistance is sensed, allowing the user to go further while reducing effort and the number of pushes. The automatic wheelchair brakes also help users gain control going downhill. 

Chair Setup

A rigid frame, yet still compact. Take a look at how to properly break down and power up your Tailwind with this short demonstrative clip.