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Tailwind Technical Specifications

Tailwind is precision manufactured-to-order in the center of America's industrial heartland, Michigan. Each frame is truly unique with over 11,000 different dimension combinations possible (over 100,000 including colors options)!

Tailwind's custom wheelchair frame is integrated with our one-of-a-kind power assist technology that has been designed to work in perfect unison with the frame. Tech specs can be found below.

Tailwind Power Assist Wheelchair

Frame Basics

Frame Basics

Frame Type

Frame Style

Frame Material

Frame Design

Weight Capacity



7000 Series Aluminum

Custom Configurable

300 lbs. (135 kg)

Power Assist Specs

Power Assist Specs

Power Assist Type

Electronics Mount Type

Programming Required

Adjustable Sensitivity

Downhill Braking

Power Assist Added Width

Total Weight with Electronics

Heaviest Component Weight


Integrated (Not Bolt-On)

Concealed Under Frame


9 Left / Right Independent Levels



56 lbs. (25 kg)*

30 lbs. (14 kg)*

Dry Cell, NiMH 8.4 Ah

* Based on 18" x 18" Tailwind with Standard Package.

Frame Dimension Options - Not Adjustable

Frame Dimension Options - Not Adjustable

Seat Width

Seat Depth

Front Seat to Floor Height

Rear Seat to Floor Height


Front Frame Angle

Footrest Width

Back Cane Height


Overall Tailwind Width

14-20" (1" increments)

15-20" (1" increments)

16.5-20" (1" increments) *

16-19.5" (0.5" increments)

0-3" (0.5" increments)

70, 80, or 86 degrees

9-15" (1" increments) **

10-20" (1" increments)

0 or 3 degrees

Add 8" to Seat Width ***

Frame Dimension Options - Adjustable

Frame Dimension Options - Adjustable

Seat to Footrest Length

Seatback Angle

Center of Gravity

12.5"-18" (0.5" increments) ****

80, 85, 90, or 95 degrees

3" range (9 positions)

* Front Seat to Floor Height has 0.5" increment from 16.5" to 17" with 1" increments thereafter.

** Footrest Width range is 4" depending on seat width, except for seat widths of 14" and 15". These latter seat widths have less than 4 footrest width options available.

*** Overall Tailwind Width is without Camber or Mountain Bike Tires. Camber adds additional 1.5" to Overall Tailwind Width. Mountain Bike Tires add additional 1" to Overall Tailwind Width.

**** Seat to Footrest Length range is 2-3" depending upon Front Seat to Floor Height and Front Frame Angle.

Frame Color Options

Frame Color Options

Glossy Pink

Glossy Purple

Glossy Blue

Glossy Green

Glossy Yellow

Glossy Orange

Glossy Red

Glossy White

Glossy Gray

Glossy Black

Metallic Black

Metallic Teal

Metallic Purple

Metallic Blue

Metallic Lime Green

Metallic Hunter Green

Metallic Red

Metallic Silver

Metallic Gold

Matte Black with Minimal Gloss

Glossy Color Options

Premium Metallic/Matte Color Options

Standard Package

Standard Package




Caster Wheel

Caster Fork

Rear Wheels

Rear Tires

Seat Pan

Axle Type

Wheel Locks

Side Guards

Anti-Tip Wheels

Upholstered *

Open Loop

Black Anodized

5" x 1.5" Black Composite Hub

Solid, Double-Sided Fork

24" Black Wire

1 3/8" Black Pneumatic


Quick Release


Built-in Aluminum


* Upholstered seating is included standard and can be declined. Tailwind fits all varieties of seating systems.

Positioning Upgrades

Positioning Upgrades

Positioning Belt
Calf Strap

Swing Away Tubular Armrests

Auto Style
Aircraft Style

Padded, Velcro Adjustable

9-12" (0.5" increments)

Caster Upgrades

Caster Upgrades

Caster Fork

Caster Wheel

Frog Legs Suspension Fork

5" x 1.4" Aluminum Hub with Soft Roll

Rear Wheel Upgrades

Rear Wheel Upgrades


Rear Wheels

Rear Tires

Black Vinyl
Black Foam

24" Black Spinergy XLITE

1 3/8" Solid Insert
1 3/8" Solid
2" Mountain Bike
1" Schwalbe Marathon Plus

Other Upgrades

Other Upgrades


Push Handles

Wheel Lock Extension

Composite Flat Cover

Height Adjustable

Fold Down

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