Power Assist for Pediatrics

    Posted by Jonathan Neugebauer on October 1, 2014 12:00 PM

    The wheelchair has come a long way. A generation ago, the word “wheelchair” painted a picture of a boxy, shiny steel frame and sagging vinyl upholstery lining the seat. Finding a wheelchair with a perfect fit or support held little value in the past. If a child was in need of a wheelchair, their growth and developmental needs were overlooked. In most cases the child would be placed in a larger chair because he or she would “grow into it”. However let me emphasize that this was the past. Now there are almost as many wheelchair styles, colors, and options available as there are children to use them. Selecting the right one for your child can seem overwhelming at times, but knowing the important needs to consider will help you narrow down your search.

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    A Most Effective Form of Wheelchair Brakes

    Posted by Jonathan Neugebauer on April 1, 2013 12:00 PM

    Have you ever wished your wheelchair had brakes? I’m talking about real brakes that will safely slow you down when you want to stop. I’m not talking about push-to-lock, pull-to-lock, or scissor locking wheel locks. Wheel locks are often misleadingly called wheelchair brakes, but they are of no use when your chair is in motion and you need to slow down.

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